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July 28, 2014
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Engage FACELIFT to boost your Facebook Channel

Facebook is considered to be the number one marketing platform of the future. Right now, the social network counts more than 1 billion users and the number increases constantly. The vast reach and the immense relevance of Facebook offer enormous potentials for business growth and development.



Using Facebook only with its standard functions doesn’t really prove very efficient or satisfying. You are technically limited while you can only choose between a few predefined tabs like creating event listings or writing memos and this prevents you from applying some brilliant Social Media campaigning tools. Now there is a solution for all your Facebook needs: Facelift is a German specialist for marketing solutions on Facebook that has recognized the diverse possibilities of the platform for comprehensive marketing strategies. As a finalist in the German „Entrepeneur of the year contest 2013“ and supported with 15 Million USD of Growth Capital, Facelift definitely proves the importance of Social Media presence for companies. Facelifts keynote is to make full use of all the possibilities offered by Facebook. More than 600 brands achieved successful results with the use of Facelift so far. The knowledge and expertise in developing Facebook fanpages allows companies like banks, telecommunication companies, airlines, car manufacturers or healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to reach the desired target group and generate more likes and followers. It even strenghtens the brand awareness as well as customer relationships. Facelift promises to deliver you the best viral content on the web.


Facelifts FanActivatorTM-Platform is an all-in-one-solution for taking care of all Facebook activities. You can moderate and monitor communication and build mobile optimized professional apps for any device like pc, smartphone or tablet, whether its android or iphone and for any purpose like prize competitions, games or votings in your personalized brand design. There are so many opportunities! Manage your advertising campaigns and analyze the results in a simple way. Facelift mixes apps and broadcasting at the same time. And the best thing is that you don’t need to be an IT professional. You can just do it easily on your own!

aida_faceliftSo whether you want to manage your postings, ads, apps or Facebook Analytics – every data of the four FanActivatorTM modules „Apps“, „Timeline Manager,“ „Ad Manager“ and „Analytics“ is centrally captured so that you have a real-time overview of all relevant information. This makes monitoring your Facebook pages as easy as it could be – made in Germany and 100% specialized on Facebook.


See how easy it is and how Facelift will spice up your fanpage. Let’s take a quick survey on the fanpage of AIDA Cruises, the leader on the German-speaking market for sea voyages. Several apps allow the useres to discover new destinations and plan their next trip. Games and a maritime design bring the users right into vacation mood and with the badge application fans can express their fellowship with AIDA on Facebook. Even a career portal offers jobseekers to apply for a vacant position or share it with friends. Click here to view the AIDA fanpage.

The potential of Facebook for businesses is enormous and you should better start immediately to benefit from the services that the German technology provider Facelift can offer to you. And there will be an even bigger need within the next years. Maximize your success and do the virtual face-lift now!

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