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July 22, 2014
by admin

The WOW effect – using drones for awesome videos

As drones are used on the one side for military purposes, they also opened up new possibilities for videographers on the other side: Filming from above. See the world from another perspective and get in touch with a different kind of videography.

Who hasn’t once dreamed about being a bird and fly over the city, being free and crossing all borders, solved from any restriction? Finally, the manhood is not that advanced yet, but there are some gadgets that are close to it. At least they can give you the impression to see everything from above by yourself.ardrone2_hd_lifestyle_eliteedition_sand_01

For filming a landscape or a huge area nobody has to enter a plane or a helicopter nowadays. Have you ever seen a firework from above? Probably not. For that reasons drones turn out to be very convenient tools that can easily be remote-controlled from the ground and offer you high-resolution video footage.

The „unmanned aerial vehicle“, in short UAV, sounds as futuristic as it looks and opened up new possibilities for videography. Several cameras that are attached to the drone take full videos in HD quality. They are immediately send to the drone pilot, who can see the transmitted video on a screen and steer the drone into the desired direction. Drone helicopters like the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter even stream the video via GPS directly to your smartphone. All you need is just the drone, its app and a WiFi-Connection. You will feel like playing a video game!


Drones allow us unlimited access to the most hidden places we only can see from above. Isn’t it amazing that a small drone can show us places from a stunning perspective we never would have seen otherwise? Drone videos can show the world like it was miniature, inhabitet by small tokens we call people. They give you the feeling of independence and freedom. It is the perspective that matters and the point of view through which we make our decision. No question that this is the perfect way to present your company.

These small flying video talents can be used for quite every purpose such as showing your office building and the surrounding. So it doesn’t depend on the branche you are in. But especially when you run a travel agency, a nice resort or a real estate company you should think about showing your places from the bird’s-eye-view. Your customers will be amazed! Show the awesome location of your resort and the size of your property, let the viewer fly above water, hills, beaches and vineyards– nothing could be more persuasive. Watching the landscape getting smaller and smaller while sitting in a plane or admire the beautiful ocean and coasts – people love to see things from above, except they don’t suffer from vertigo. Show your customers more than just a lovely decorated hotel room, show the whole surrounding. This is how you generate the ultimate WOW effect!

As in some fields drones are already used as reinvention of the military purpose, like Fire departments can monitor high risk situations, insurance companies can do house inspections, news organizations can shoot footage during events, and Amazon plans to use drones for the delivery service, drones also gave a new meaning to the video industry and especially for cineasts. What is certain however is that there is a future market for drone technologies. We know the advantages that are possible nowadays but what will be possible in the future?


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