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How fast can you deliver a quality video? I do have a presentation, a speech and a deadline in one week. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible to deliver a video within 48 hours, as long as you already have materials we can use. This will make work easier. Please be aware that a short time makes it more complicate to change things a lot after it is done once. So you have to be sure what your video should exactly look like.


What does a complete production look like and what do I have to do?

First we meet to talk about your idea of the video. Should it be only graphic or 3D Motion, do you want real actors or a mix between actors and graphic motion? We should discuss the best solution for the purpose of your video.

In close consultation with you, we

  • define every scene in a storyboard and ask for your improvements,
  • source models and materials like the camera and light equipment, customes and decoration,
  • start to shoot the video.

The graphic animation can be started directly through our graphic artist. The first and second review and changes on the video are free of charge. Make sure you explain your improvements in detail and give us the exact time frame to be changed (for example: second 0:00 – 0:03).

With the final video we get the broadcasting started. This means, that we spread it all over the internet as on Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. We do everything to make your video and your company visible and increase your website traffic. After the campaign is completed, we meet to discuss about the efforts.


Do I have to find the models by myself?

We help you to find the best models for your video. On our platform FindYourModelInBangkok you can find models that are also spontaneous available. Tell us your idea of the model – male, female, age, height, hair and eye colour and any other details and we will start sourcing immediately. If you still shouldn’t find the suitable person, we go on sourcing a model who meets your exact requirements – until we found it. To give you a figure: for one model you have to spend round about 4000 Baht to book it for 2-3 hours.


I have an awesome idea but I don’t know how to implement it. How can you help me?

This is a good basis. Our young and creative team knows how to do great videos. First we will meet you to understand your idea and to draw up a budget. You don’t need to have a storyboard, because we will do it for you in close consultation. In case your product is very complex and not that easy to explain, it would be advantageous to give us a prepared text (150 words build one minute of video). If then everything is fine, we go on and make your idea become reality!


Do I pay when the video is done?

At FindYourWayInTheWorld, we ask you to pay in two steps. You do the first 50% payment after our first working step. This could be the shooting of the video or the (3D) graphic animation. Once this step is done, we discuss the things to be changed and continue the completion of your video. The last 50% of the production you pay as soon as version 2 of the video is ready before the broadcasting starts.


Why should I have a video?

Every company who wants to be visible on the internet should have a corporate video. It differs you from others and shows what your company is about – more convenient than a long text could describe. People want to have information quick and easy and so your video should be. And the more funny or the more interesting your video is, the more clients it will attract!


My company is very small and my budget limited. Can I still do a video?

Making a video doesn’t depend on the size of your company. Even if you are the only one in your company, you should show your services with a video. According to your budget, we will find a suitable solution and make the most of it. At FindYourWayInBangkok we can handle any size.


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