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July 14, 2014
by admin

How to use Social Media for your business

Using videos as an efficient Marketing tool is the first step into the right direction, but having just one video on the website ist not enough. You need to spread it and make the best of it. Sure – your content is already interesting, amazing or funny, but people need to see it. So how do you ensure that your video becomes popular?


This is easy to answer. Use Social Media. Today every company has a Facebook Channel and uses LinkedIn, Twitter and any other kind of Networking Channel. You even could have your own YouTube Channel! Put your videos here. People love watching videos and if it’s really good and has a catchy title, the viewers will share it! Make your workmates share the video and soon it will be seen on many many news feeds. Besides publishing great videos on Social Media Channels, you have to pamper your profiles. This means, that you should share any relevant content relating to your company, publish offers, introduce new staff, and so on. Keep in mind that you have to be present all the time – otherwise people think your company doesn’t exist anymore…


What else is important to run a good Social Media Page? If you don’t want your posting to disappear, choose the right time to publish it. This could be early in the morning or during evening time. Because this is the time people read the newspapers and watch TV news. One of the first things people do when they wake up is to switch the alarm on their smartphone off and take the opportunity to quickly check Facebook. Your viewers will comment on your postings – as well as they like it or not.


Don’t forget to answer every single comment! This shows that you really exist and care about your customers’ concerns. You can start surveys and ask people what they want to see or what they would like to change on your products. Ask them! It couldn’t be easier this way! Once you started to cultivate your channel you will discover many great things. Try them and following these advices, your channel will grow and grow!


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