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August 6, 2014
by admin

Create a YouTube Channel with Clipster

People want to have creative freedom, because differing from others means expressing individuality. This is not only applicable for the outer appearance of people, but also for YouTube Channels. You don’t want to look like others and so your YouTube Channel does. With the clever tool of the dutch company Clipster you can give it a new and unique appearance.

Clipster for YouTube is a self-service to customize your channel according to your wishes. Almost anything is possible. If you are tired of the default settings of YouTube and want your channel to look like your website – with Clipster you can do it. Design your own template and optimize your channel to maximize your marketing efforts through more viewers and viral marketing. It’s easy:

Extend your channel with interactive features. When you have a very catchy channel, your viewers will have an unique experience that they want to share with friends. You can add tailored content like graphics and animations, a livestream with countdown or a video carrousel. And of course you can link your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Run your campaigns in multiple ways and always show your diversity!


Different devices? No problem! Clipster adapts the layout of brand channels to the format of devices like pc, tablet and smartphone. It even customizes the channel according to different languages, regional and cultural characteristics.

You may already know about the huge importance of social media and the constant presence on the internet. Even huge enterprises like EMC, Rokenbok, BMW, Unilever and Lufthansa use Clipster to make their channel stand out of the crowd. This maintains the brand identity and turns watching videos into an experience.

Clipster’s analytics tool gives you an exact view on how successful your campaign is running. And if it is running bad, you can update the content anytime.

With Clipster you can create, manage, monitor your custom brand channel easily and quick. The tool works with drag and drop, so you don’t need any professional IT skills.


If we take a look on the YouTube Channel of Rokenbok, a manufacturer for high mechanical educational toys, it is not surprising why the channel has so many subscribers. Rokenbok not only generated more views and subscribers, but also could increase the sales quickly. The toy manufacturer adapted the website appearance to YouTube and this is how the company can increase its recognition value. Rokenbok even links to a sales section on its website, where customers can directly buy products. A community page allows customers to upload pictures of their Rokenbok buildings – this is a very nice way to connect people and promote exchanges.

If you want to customize your YouTube Channel, write us and we provide you the best contact at Clipster:


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